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Club Tobago

The owners of Club Tobago have pioneer the LEGAL nightclub and entertainment business for the indo Caribbean people. Ramesh, one of the owners of Club Tobago in his early years has DJ in all of the top indo Caribbean nightspots in New York. He and his family had then open one of New York most famous West-Indian nightclub, Soca Paradise. He then went on his own to open Club Tobago.

Club Tobago was born from the Caribbean with the heart of America. Club Tobago is the only chutney-soca nightclub in Queens New York, Established since 2001 as and still is, the only Chutney-Soca nightclub. We provide the best in security for the patron’s safety. We have received many yearly awards from the community board and police department for being the only club that provide safety for all our patrons. Our lighting system is known to some as Hollywood style to others as Manhattan in Queens, to you our valued customers Club Tobago is a nightclub with intelligent lights. Our sound system is state of the art with the bass you feel the music and with the mid hi’s you feel the excitement. So if you are looking for a nightclub to have a good time, to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or any occasion then Club Tobago is the club to be, you will dance, be excited, have a good time in a Caribbean atmosphere in Queens New York. The only place to be in, number 1 chutney soca nightclub is Club Tobago.

We have attracted artistes from the length and breath of Trinidad, Guyana, Surinam, Jamaica, St Vincent, Toronto, London and some from right here in the US. For example: The band Dil-E-Nadan with Raymond Ramnarine, Atlantic with Destra Garcia, Xtatic with Machel Montano, Square One with Alison Hinds, Traffic with Shurwayne Winchester, Asylum with Bunji Garland, Krosfyah with Edwin Yearwood, Byron Lee and the Dragonaire,Beenie Man and the Ruff Tuff band, artistes like Rupee, Tanto Metro and Devonte, TOK, Shaba Ranks, Lady Saw, Nina Sky, Baby Cham, Kevin Little, Hitman, Heeralall Rampartap, Rikki Jai, Vedesh Sookoo, Rakesh Yankarran, Devanand Gattoo, Drupattie, Rosika, Anil Bheem, Ruby and Nazimool, Terry Gajraj, Savitree Persaud, Davendra Pooran, Prashant Kumar, Jessie Jai, Rooplall Girdarhrie, Shiv Shakti dancers.

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