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Cluny ArtBar Montreal

Cluny ArtBar is not really a restaurant, not really a cafe and not a bar. That is why it is called an ArtBar, because it is all three: a restaurant, a cafe and for parties, a bar.
It is also an art exhibition space, every day a neighbourhood hang-out for the local media crowd, and some evenings are transformed into a formal restaurant. The food is presented in a cafeteria format: you order in the kitchen and then pick your drinks, side orders and desserts. The hot meal of the day, antipasto salad plates and panini sandwiches are delivered to your table.

Cluny serves breakfasts and coffees, is a popular lunch spot for local office workers, and all afternoon is a hangout for local artists. Thursday evenings it is open for drinks and supper. Other evenings it is open for special events and private bookings.

Cluny is open Monday to Friday from eight in the morning until about five o’clock in the late afternoon, and Thursday evenings until about ten.

Great food, coffees and full bar are always available.
The restaurant can be booked for special functions most any weeknight, and can provide food catering to events in the exhibition hall of the art centre.

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