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Cockleburz Tulsa


Cockleburz’ is a quintessential neighborhood bar: It welcomes everybody.

For about a month now Cockleburz’ has been serving hearty drinks to the local barfly community. It’s long-abused bar still bear the marks, and often the initials, of those who came before you, while the big TV shows sports in season.

From college kids to the corporate elite, the Cockleburz’ crowd is, at the very least, diverse. Strays from City Hall wander in for lunch, toting cell phones and wearing ties while frat boys hover around bottles of beer and dartboards. A biker or two may find their way in to share a drink with leftover Huey Lewis fans. It’s a neighborhood bar, indeed.

Spacious and well lit (but not bright) the walls are made up of a sparse, rustic décor which gives the bar a classy but comforting feel. Stretching along the entire right-hand side there is a wooden bar, which houses a well stocked liquor inventory. Beer here is very well priced, $1.75 for a bottle of Bud and a mere $1.00 for a draft.

One of the highlights of the bar is the electronic darts scoreboard. It is a regulation dartboard, it just happens to have a state-of-the-art scoring system. At each end of the bar, are fairly large TV’s, which are tuned to Sooners, Cowboys, Hurricane depending on the season.

It may be smoky, unkempt and a bit rough around the edges, but the Cockleburz’ Bar on East 11th. has a gritty authenticity that’s lacking at many other so-called “Sports” bars around town.

Tip: Unlike most bars in Tulsa, Cockleburz’ stays open until 2am. The midnight to 2 time slot tends to be one of its busiest.


• Darts

• Pool

• Date spot

• Group-Friendly