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CODA Los Angeles

That lone black-clad bouncer fronting a Sherman Oaks alley marks the oddball entrance to this lively and unpretentious club. Inside, it”s more like a pleasantly cramped downtown New York club, than a bunker-sized joint hidden among West Valley car dealerships. A long mirrored bar runs the length of one side of the club, and an elevated lounge area scattered with ottomans and booths makes for a shadowy spot perfect for canoodling. Keeping with the industrial-chic decor, the smoking lounge in back is actually a sleek tented patio. A funky metallic mural punctuates a small dance floor that”s typically packed with locals grooving to all things hip-hop–classic, old-school and current Top 40.

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Thriller Halloween Party at Coda (10/31/2011) @ CODA
CODA, Los Angeles