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Coffee Pub Las Vegas


Coffee Pub

Las Vegas

Marty started the Coffee Pub in 1984 pretty much on a whim and a shoe string. He made all the sandwiches himself and had a few electric burners for a stove. All of Marty’s friends admire his tenacious entrepreneurialism.

The Coffee Pub over time became the place to be seen and the place to see others. Besides the hundreds of daily regulars, celebrities love to hang out there as well. Plus your tongue will wag when you see how many beautiful women go there for his salads!

Marty has a pretty complete menu and he serves breakfast all day, so if you want banana pancakes at 2 PM or a great turkey sandwich, this is your place. He also has a couple of pasta dishes, mini-pizzas and a meatless Boca burger. Lots of folks go there just for the coffee drinks and they have a few original concoctions that customers love.

The Coffee Pub is very convenient, another reason many use it as a meeting place. It is on Sahara, 3 blocks from I-15 (about a mile east of The Strip across from Palace Station) at the corner of Paseo Del Prado, next door to Bank of the West. They have great to-go food if you want to grab a picnic lunch for Red-Rock. If you need an event catered you may also want to think of them.

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