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Confidential San Diego


Confidential brings together exotic fresh juice cocktails, award winning cuisine, and highly developed night lifers to create an atmosphere to be savored. Enjoy exclusive treatment on our main level or from our loft sky boxes. Confidential fuses incredible attention to guest services with music, visual, and sensory takeaways.

At Confidential we take pride in changing up our award winning drinks, food, and entertainment; our uniforms are no exceptions. We want our employees to stand out and be different, just like Confidential. In the spirit of always keeping things fresh, Confidential has partnered with two great San Diego apparel company pioneers, Clae Shoes, www.clae.com, and UNIV Denim, www.univ-shop.com. Please come see our new retro-western uniforms inspired by the great collaboration of creativity. The uniform look is forward thinking, different for any currently being worn, comfortable, and our employees like getting compliments on what the are wearing. We are not a New York or Vegas style venue, we were created for San Diego and we support San Diego. Thank you to Clae Shoes, UNIV Denim, and Donestyle.



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