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Coogee Bay Hotel Sydney


The Coogee Bay Hotel is a landmark. At the corner of Coogee Bay Road and Arden Street and is legendary amonst Sydneysiders as well as the World. The “Bay” is expansive with many bars, rooms, pokies, etc. The highlights are, without a doubt, the enourmous beer garden style patio, which on a sunny arvo is the best patio in Sydney. A short step to the barbees where you can cook you’re own meat while chilling near the beach, drinking cold beer, basking in the rays and breathing sea air.

The nightclub, Hibiscus lounge really heats up on Friday and Saturday night, and they are trying to bring the elite status it once had for being one of Sydney’s top live music venues. The size and the sound are amazing, not to mention the intimate atmostphere.