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Corkscrew Houston


The Corkscrew is a story of two brothers returning home and doing what they do best, drinking, eating and chatting people up. Doyle Adams, after years on the Nascar circuit as lead windshield washer for some of the top pit crews decided that he wanted something different. He naturally switched to cage fighting but found that the hair on his back made him too easy of a target and decided that this might not be for him, also the shorts were kind of constricting. He reached out for his brother Andrew, fresh from a stint in the French foreign legion he had joined to get away from some…..uhhh trouble. Andrew was determined to become a professional karaoke performer but the obvious jealousy from the other performers over his immense talent made him think that a change was in order.

The two brothers returned to the ancient land of their ancestors, The fabulous Houston Heights to scout a spot for a wine bar where their friends and family and people that like being treated like friends and family could come and relax with a glass of wine and some tasty meats and cheese. The result was The Corkscrew on Washington Avenue.

The rest they say is history, The Corkscrew went on to win a whole truckload of awards for Best Wine Bar, Best Date Place, Best Happy Hour and Best Bar owned by two Bald Guys. As time went by we realized we needed to go bigger and started scouting out other spots. We got lucky and found a cool spot in the West Heights on 20th. Bigger bar, bigger patio, bigger food, bigger wine, bigger bigger bigger. We even decided to start serving liquor for those people who just gotta have a cocktail. We feel ya.

The guys can be found every night working the bar and floor, making the world a safer place for wine drinkers. Feel free to pull them aside and voice any comments or ask any questions. They are lucky enough to have a dedicated friendly staff lead by Amy Mata, The General manager. Amy was a former hit man for the Mob and could hurt somebody with a cocktail straw, but other than that she is so sweet and the best at running the bar, but don’t piss her off, it could get ugly.