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Corktown Tavern Detroit


Corktown Tavern

Live bands, guest DJ’s, patio and BBQ during good weather. Internet jukebox. cheap booze.

Open Monday – Saturday at 8pm.

* Special guest DJ’s
* Internet jukebox
* See schedule for more info

Mondays: $2 Mondays
$2 Domestics / $2 Wells /$2 16oz Blatz

Tuesdays: Dudesday
Jay Strangler Bartends
Blake Spins Ear Busting Rock
$2 PBR’s $3 Shots of Beam,
and Other Land Pirate Specials

Lacie From Detroit 442 Spins The Best Punk In the City.

Special Guest DJ
Guitarist from Seduce & The Shakey Jakes
Spins Great Rock and Roll all Night
Holly 750 Bartends
Serving Up Your Favorite Drinks
$2 Specials all night.