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Corn Productions Chicago


Robert Bouwman and Todd Schaner founded Corn Productions in 1992. Their goal was to provide artistic freedom for themselves and reasonably priced provocative entertainment for their audience. Luckily, the owners of Danny’s Tavern in Bucktown offered the pair an opportunity. Bouwman and Schaner were given the small upstairs room at Danny’s rent-free on Monday nights. The only stipulation was that they returned the space to a bar and that they respected and maintained the space. Their mutually beneficial relationship brought an experience to theater “virgins” as well as focused Bouwman and Schaner’s artistic direction, which at that point was a hodgepodge of one-act plays, music monologues, and comedy sketches, including the now “nonfamous” Tiff and Mom.

No longer dependent on the campy drag appeal of Tiff and Mom, they explored other audience reactive topics including Christianity with their hit trilogy, The Passion Follies, which included, The Madonna in Spite of Herself, Jesus – The Wonder Years, and The Last Dinner Party of Christ. These shows garnered enough acclaim and revenue to allow Corn to fund what in reality they had always wanted, a home of their own.

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