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Cornucopia Destiny New York

Revel in pure majesty as you hop aboard the luxurious Cornucopia Destiny Yacht. Launched in 2002, the Cornucopia Destiny continues to capture the spirit of sophisticated nightlife and high-end entertainment, bringing the best live music and the hottest beats to thousands of avid party-goers every year. This glittering vessel boasts two dance floors, three full-service bars, five restrooms, and two levels with plenty of room to accommodate 250 avid party-goers.

As soon as you board Cornucopia Destiny Yacht, you’ll be hit the size and decadence of its gleaming decks, intimate lighting setup, and lush interior. There are a number of private seating areas, balconies, and a central dance floor, so make sure you explore the whole layout during the course of the night. Music junkies will love the Cornucopia Destiny, because this vessel boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and draws in some of the best DJs offering award-winning music entertainment and the hottest beats.

In addition, get ready to enjoy the breathtaking all-around view of the surrounding area, which includes great nearby sights like the famous New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and more. Take in the view from one of the two indoor decks, the cocktail dining room, the observation deck, or the 10,000 square foot dining room to get the most out of your onboard experience. Make sure you keep an eye on this venue’s updated event calendar, because the Cornucopia Destiny Yacht plays host to various events, including weddings, parties, annual bashes and a whole lot more.

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