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Cosmo Los Angeles

If you want to take a step into the elite world of Hollywood and enter a place steeped in elegance, then Cosmo Los Angeles is your destination. This new night club was developed by the founders of Boulevard Nightlife Group, the very same ones who brought you the Roxbury, Lure, and the L.A. Supperclub.

Located on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Cosmo Street, the club is home to a diverse clientele of Hollywood sexy elite. Decorated with a somewhat modern art deco feel, guests will be in awe at the sleek interior and giant chandeliers it boasts.

This club is all about trying new things alongside the flare of old Hollywood. With high-class cocktails, stunning lighting, and a cutting-edge sound system, guests can either lounge or strike out onto the dance floor. With interiors designed by Kris Keith of Spacecraft, the Cosmo is truly a marvel to be seen. For a more intimate experience, check out their VIP suite.

Come by on Friday night when the party really heats up, or Saturdays for their weekly party Presented by Catalyst Group, Blare Productions, TAK, and BRM Entertainment.

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