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Court Jester Pub Toronto


Court Jester Pub

Welcome to the Jester ! It has been a pleasure to serve this vibrant and tightly-knit community on the Danforth for nearly two decades. We have earned our reputation for outstanding food by using only the finest ingredients and providing portions “fit for a king”!

In keeping up with today’s healthier choices, the Jester uses olive oil in our cooking and vegetable shortening for deep frying (no trans fats). We also serve brown rice and whole wheat pastas. Please make yourself at home and enjoy our casual and friendly atmosphere. Be sure to check our blackboards for some terrific daily specials. We also offer a full brunch menu on weekends and long-weekends from 11:00-4, featuring Steve’s famous Eggs Benedict. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and we’ll see you again soon!

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