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Cowboy Country Saloon Los Angeles


 Cowboy Country is one of the few remaining Country venues providing LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC in Southern California. Voted BEST COUNTRY BAR IN LA  & BEST COUNTRY DANCE CLUB IN LA. Our building, built in 1964, has housed many other noteworthy clubs under its roof. The most notable club housed there was The Silver Bullet which was open during those “Urban Cowboy” days of the 80’s. Also notable is the fact that The Silver Bullet was the filming location of the cult classic “Thelma and Louise”. It was the infamous scene of the crime that the girls were on the run from for the rest of the movie. During those days many famous national artists had cruised on by to play on it’s stage. When Cowboy Country opened our goal was to fill a need that had become un addressed – Live Country Music. Cowboy Country has introduced many new local bands to the local Country Music scene as well as giving some of the more established bands a grander stage and larger audience to play to. Some national artists were also brought in as well. T Cowboy Country is a large 15,000 sq foot dancehall and saloon complete with three dance floors on two levels, a large stage, pool room, full kitchen and two full bars. The decor is all Country. Rough cut cedar panels on all the walls and lots of rodeo and music memorabilia on the walls in the form of autographed guitars and photos. All in all Cowboy Country is the last of the local “Cowboy Palaces” left in Southern California. It has a complete and total Country feel yet is not intimidating to the new or non Country fan. In fact people of all walks of life and all ages frequent the club each and every night………

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