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Crash Mansion New York



Bringing new meaning to a one-stop destination, BLVD and Crash Mansion @ BLVD on the Bowery is delivering it all with class, having both low-key intimate and high-end excitement, this two floor entertainment megaplex is now totally up and running from about 5-6pm to 4am, check the Upcoming Events page for schedules and shows, private parties may take up the entire venue some nights.

Located at 199 Bowery, adjacent to the termination of Spring Street, BLVD features a world-class restaurant, café, nightclub, event space, live music venue and recording studio, all within one bi-level complex. Noted for it’s stunning high-tech computer controlled creative lighting and state-of-the-art sound installations that bring both warmth and exitement to the spaces inside, each area of the complex is crafted to support the best in dining, events and entertainment.

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