CREAM Tuesday’s 4 LEZ Vegas LADIES

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The Beautiful ladies C.C. the DJ (Tao Group) & DJ ALICIOUS will be making their 1st appearance at CREAM this Tuesday June 12th at our CRUEL SUMMER PARTY - Were finally giving Lesbians a GOOD Excuse to wear FLIP FLOPS to the Club.... BEER PONG, BIKINIS, LIFE GUARDS, RUBBER DUCKIES, BEACH BALLS, POPSICLES, BOARD SHORTS, SUNGLASSES, BUBBLES, WATER GUNS & More!!!! **WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!!!!!** Oh yesssss. WIN a FREE VIP TABLE/BOTTLE for 6 at CREAM!! The HOTTEST Bathing Suits will get SPECIAL Cream LOVE w/ Drinks & Hookahs!! ATTENTION: There WILL be LIVE FILMING Taking place, So make sure to Look Fly & Sexy. Dress to Impress ladies! (CREAM SOCIAL 9-10pm & CREAM PARTY 10pm-3am) ? 2-4-1 DRINKS 10-11pm & FREE 12am CREAM Shots! ? $5 Wine, Watermelon Martini's & BEER w/ $6 Wells ? $20 Unlimited Hookah & Amazing Happy Hour FOOD ? $3 Sex on the Beach & $6 Ice Cream Dish w/ Fruit & More GOODIES & SURPRISES..we LOVE to SPOIL our LADIES! (21+) LADIES FREE before 11PM, $5 after. For VIP Guest-List RSVP Text FULL NAME & EMAIL: 702-772-0689 by 7pm every Tuesday, List CLOSES at MIDNIGHT :) For Info & Talent BOOKING contact: 702-772-0689 JOIN the FAN PAGE:š `(êÐöê¥ õN¦tÿÿÿÿ    Î 4ÿÿ   @ ÿÿsp_ allry_   ÿÿ  µ¾°,ê VmConn orData). ÿÿ ²Ù·PêÐöê{ call sp_get_company_type_main_by_companyid(?, ?) }x¤%N¨¤%Nˆ¥%N˜¥%N¨¥%N¸¥%NÈ¥%Nè¥%N8¦%NH¦%NX¦%Nx¦%Nˆ¦%N õN¦tÿÿ¥tÿÿÿÿ   @ÿÿÎ  ÿÿ     ÿÿ õN¦tÿÿÿÿ     ÿÿ  &e#xêxêÿÿ#h$xêxêÿÿ&ç@ 2Jsp_get_company_type_main_by_companyid&ê§ 2ÿÿ  ÿÿ§   ÿÿ ²Þ€Êÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ³cŸ @€¨µË 0@P`p€ °ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ °ÀКŒxêxêð”xêxê 0@P`p€ °ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ °ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ °ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ °ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ Ù°ÀÐàð 0@P`p€ °ÀÐà×´xêxê