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Cream Ultra Lounge Atlanta

A new era in Atlanta Nightlife has begun come experience Cream Ultra Lounge and experience a new and refreshing Nightlife Experience.

If there’re things Buford Highway has more than enough of, they’re Mexican restaurants, police, and signs paying homage to Biff Tannen’s great-grandfather. Giving you something you really weren’t expecting on State Route 13, Cream Ultra Lounge.

Sitting in a building once known as El Rey De Todos (which was clearly false), Cream’s been floor-to-ceiling renovated into an ultra-sleek parlor for 400 guests, with a tall cream-hued gator skin sofa greeting you at the entrance, 200 color-changing LED lights behind square glass panels, five large projector screens, glowing-orange onyx tables, and a circular DJ booth sitting 30ft in the air, designed as such because the owner “wants the DJ to be a star” — so just keep your fingers crossed for the ever-hilarious “white dwarf”. Keeping everybody movin’ will be various types of tunes (rock, pop, house…), plus weekly events like “Industry/Hip-Hop” Fridays and international vibes on Saturdays, where you’ll hear world music and mingle with “Asians, Russians, and Bulgarians”, so learn the language now, because anyone you ask to translate will surely be Balkan. In addition to the likely bottled beers and boozes at the round marble bar, the open-til-4am kitchen plates eats like fried/grilled grouper, 10oz filet mignons, and Cajun lobster tails, plus smaller bites like seared crab cakes and Caribbean-seasoned jerk wings, which they’ll carry until the crowd demands the newer, trendier Dougie wings.

Hours’ll be 10pm to 4am, and the grand opening’s tomorrow night, which they’re calling “The Viewing” — during which all eyes will be on you, if you’re willing to let the partygoers see just how much you’ve been Tannen.

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Cream Ultra Lounge, Atlanta
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Cream Ultra Lounge, Atlanta