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Create Nightclub is the result of what happened when dance music and festival giant Insomniac Events combined forces with nightlife leader SBE to make a space where artists can experiment with their sound over the highest quality sound and lighting systems available on the market. The Hollywood venue attracts the best electronic music talent from around the world and brings them to Los Angeles for some of the best live performances in the city.

Enjoy your favorite drinks all night long from a fully stocked and fully staffed bar as you dance the night away to the best local and international DJs! Whether you're going out with a group of friends, on a date, or rolling solo and trying to make new friends, Create Nightclub is the perfect spot to let loose and have a great time!

Next time you're looking for somewhere to go on the weekend or you want to catch an awesome live performance, look no further than Create Nightclub! This nightlife spot has everything you need for an epic night out in Hollywood!