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Cure Lounge Boston

Cure Lounge
Originally designed to be the ladies lounge and orchestra area to the theatre, this uniquely beautiful space attracts a sophisticated yet fun clientele ready to socialize, have some drinks and party. The lounges’ designs are bold, dramatic and provide a chic ambiance amidst the music spun by some of the city’s top DJs.

The Back Lounge, once the orchestra pit, has a more surreal aesthetic, and you can opt for a more relaxed evening and enjoy a bite to eat off the impressive food menu.
Both lounges were created to bring an exciting movement within time and fantasy, so get ready to party and meet the great crowd that Cure lures in!

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Cure Saturdays Preview | 05.21.16 | @CureLounge
Cure Lounge, Boston
Cure Saturdays | 03.26.16 | Cure Lounge
Cure Lounge, Boston