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Curran Theatre San Francisco

Curran Theatre
As you approach, the hustle bustle sweeps you into the lobby crowd spilling onto the sidewalk. The scene is buzzing just like on Broadway. From the cozy lobby through the intimate auditorium to the back of house, the Curran is more like a Broadway theatre than any other in the country. Hollywood thought so and shot the New York theater scenes for All About Eve here. Once inside, the details of your day fade with the allure of understated elegance and the stunning crystal chandeliers. This charming theatre is a vibrant example of San Francisco’s rich theatrical and architectural heritage. As you settle in your seat, there’s a fleeting image of an animated Jazz Age audience awaiting the theatre’s 1922 premiere performance. When the lights dim, you have returned to the now but completely given over to what’s behind the curtain at the Curran.

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