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D3 Buslines – Luxury Bus Rentals New York


D3’s Trans-Lounge is a New York City concept, developed by Daren Daly, which specializes in luxury transportation for events that are more than a night out. D3 uses customized Limo-buses that are sophisticatedly styled for any occasion.

Servicing the tri-state area and surrounding states.

Reserve the Trans-Lounge for your own private, corporate or event use.

D3’s Nite Tours – experience New York after dark. Working in conjunction with New York Party Promoters, restaurants, bars and night clubs D3 has developed D3 Nites. A variety of hip young nite tours in which the Trans-Lounge delivers VIP transportation to the City’s most happening venues and parties all night long. Click D3 Nites for more info.

And for those who just need to get out of town, D3 has the “I’m Out of Here” trips taking you to unique and hidden secrets just hours out of the city – great for a date or something different for you and friends.


20 passenger lounge seating

2 TV’s and a VCR

10-CD player

Running water

3 bar stations

6’5″ ceiling for easy mingling

A host or hostess available

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