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Dallas Chop House
Dallas Chop House has been created to provide a completely new approach to steakhouse dining .

Along with providing a refreshing, relaxing, energized environment for everyone to enjoy, it’s all about accessibility to the experience. Whatever your appetite, there’s something for you to enjoy at Dallas Chop House.

Dallas Chop House has been created to provide a completely new approach to steakhouse dining in North Texas, and the United States.

Owner Mike Hoque, Nafees Alam, and a team of culinary experts have developed a menu for Dallas Chop House that is presenting fresh approaches to many of the classic recipes served in American Steakhouses. Mike, Nafees, and JD Lawrence will ensure that you and your guests have a dining experience at Dallas Chop House that will keep you coming back to see us.

Dallas Chop House is located at the ground floor of the well-known Comerica Bank tower, designed by Phillip Johnson. The restaurant integrates the atmosphere of the traditional Texas steak house with sleek, modern aesthetics. Materials and textures with a strong relationship to Texas create unique feature walls within the restaurant, and these walls are intentionally presented in a clean and refined manner. The open kitchen is at the heart of the restaurant, putting on display the culinary art of cooking steaks.

Warm and well-finished materials, unique steel detailing, and intimate lighting create an inviting and sophisticated dining area.

The bar, featuring hand-crafted cocktails and top wines, has a relaxed, refined atmosphere and includes a unique wood feature wall, bar with glowing onyx, and custom-designed seating.

The patio adjacent to the bar has plenty of seating for lounging as well as a custom steel and wood trellis, unique lighting, and a stone and steel feature wall with a custom built fireplace, and overlooks Downtown Dallas’ new Main Street Gardens.

The restaurant features artwork by local artist James Spurlock and Charlie Whinney, who resides in England. The art is an integral part of the space, and it celebrates both the modern aesthetics of the restaurant and the influence of Texas’ history of cowboys and cattle driving.


5:00pm - 10:00pm

Friday & Saturday
5:00pm - 11:00pm

Mon - Sat 4pm-7pm
Thurs 4pm -9pm

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