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Dallas Cowboys Stadium Arlington TX


Get your tickets at http://kixpo.com/tickets/

With your ticket purchase you will get a stadium tour and of course get access to Kixpo which will be held at on the FIELD!

Kixpo began as an idea in 2006 to celebrate the burgeoning sneaker and street fashion culture in not only Dallas, but all of Texas, as well.

The aim of Kixpo is create a series of events that unite the multifaceted sub-culture of sneaker collecting that cuts across all demographic boundaries, including race, age, gender, and class. Since its first appearance in 2007, Kixpo has come to encompass music, art, and forward thinking as important aspects of its purpose.

Kixpo is comprised of many components. First, there is the avid sneaker collector and enthusiasts, or sneakerhead. As one of the cornerstones of our event, the sneakerhead displays his collection at Kixpo not just to gain notoriety, but as a way to allow others into his personal sphere that ultimately creates lasting bonds that no other activity seems to produce. Secondly, there are the local and regional up-start clothing brands. These home-grown companies present the creative capacity for which our culture has helped to flourish. Next, are the local and regional sneaker and clothing boutiques, most of which are owned by fellow sneakerheads. These boutiques cater to those who seek the next or the different fashion brands that the larger chain stores simply ignore or refuse to recognize. Then, there are the national sneaker brands themselves, the reason sneakerheads camp-out in the cold on concrete walkways. These brands soon realized that Kixpo gave them the opportunity to say, Thank you to the consumers that drive their companies. And last, and most certainly not least, is You. You, the casual to die hard sneakerhead and fashion forward individual that motivates us to do bigger and better each and every year.