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Dante’s at Fireflys Marlborough Boston


We Had A Tradition Of Excellent Cuisine In New England, But Fans Of Fine Home-Cooked Southern Fare Thought You Had To Head Down To Tennessee, Texas, Or The Carolinas To Find Authentic Bar-B-Que And All The Fixin’s. So I Started Dabbling With Bar-B-Que When I Was Working For A Hotel Group Based In Memphis. I Started Entering Some Contests And, Slowly But Surely, I Started Winning Them.

After Winning More Than 20 National Bar-B-Que Awards, Steve Won The Massachusetts State BBQ Championships And Represented The Commonwealth In The Jack Daniels World Invitational Barbecue Competition.
It Took Me About Nine Years To Perfect My Rib Recipe Now You Can Sink Your Choppers Into Some Of The Best Bar-B-Que On The Planet, Right Here At Firefly’s… And The Awards Keep Piling Up To Prove It!”

Walk Into One Of Our Restaurants And, In Addition To Receiving A Warm Welcome With Southern-Style Hospitality, You’ll Be Greeted By The Mouthwatering Aromas Of Authentic American Bar-B-Que.

We Smoke Our Meats For Up To 12 Hours, Blending Apple, Cherry And Hickory Woods To Create The Signature Red Smoke Ring That Identifies The Genuine Low-Fire, Slow-Cooking Process Of True Bar-B-Que. We Offer Four Different Styles Of Ribs And Mop Sauces From Around The South Including North And South Carolina, Tennessee And Texas.

In Addition To Bar-B-Cue, You’ll Find Many Other Southern Specialties On Our Menu Including Cracklin Bread, Fried Chicken, Red Beans ‘N Rice, Sweet Potato Pecan Puddin’ And More!
Kick Back, Relax, And Enjoy Firefly’s Award-Winning Bar-B-Que And Southern Fare At Any Of Our Locations, Take A Feast Home, Or Let Us Cater Your Next Big Party Or Get Together.

Oh, And By The Way… If You’re Not That All-Fired Sure What The Heck We’re Talking About, Then You May Want To Check Out Our Glossary, To Learn What Makes A Mop Sauce Different From A Dry Mop Or A Dry Rub, And Why A Po’ Boy Can Make You Feel Mighty Rich.

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