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De Damas à Baghdad Montreal

Welcome! Restaurant De Damas à Baghdad is Prince Arthur Street’s newest bring your own wine restaurant and home of the only restaurant in Montreal that offers regional, traditional and authentic Syrian and Iraqi cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. Here at De Damas à Baghdad, we have created an ambiance that is sure to capture your attention and make you feel as if you were in an old Syrian home. From the beautiful old fashioned chandeliers (imported from Syria) to the faded paint on the walls and the wooden beams in the ceiling, the décor was selected to make you feel comfortable while enjoying our authentic cuisine. The art paintings are a must see, they were created by an Iraqi artist and are simply stunning.

Our menu includes all the Syrian and Iraqi specialties, most of which you will not find in any other restaurant in Montreal. Just some of our specialties include: Lentil Soup, Tabboulé, Humus, Babaghannouj, Lamb and Chicken dishes, Fatta, Kabab and many others.

We invite you to travel with us along a fascinating culinary voyage through the cities and villages between Damascus and Baghdad. We hope to see you soon!

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