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Decor Lounge

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At DecorLounge we realized that there was a need for an Art Décor store that would be out of the ordinary. As the past alternatives have been dull and overpriced; we set off to create a one stop solution for Art Décor that's edgy, hip and provocative, without the price tag of an art gallery.

Based in South Beach, Florida, we cater to an urban, style conscious clientele who wants more than your typical print or lithography. With people like us in mind, we went out seeking the latest trends so you can vibe-up your walls without spending a fortune.

We specialize in original photographs printed on Kodak paper and modern art reproductions printed on premium cotton canvas at the highest possible quality. This is one of the reasons why our art reproductions look like paintings, not prints.

At DecorLounge you'll find the Art Décor that's in the hundreds, not in the thousands.

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