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dek23   Dek23, created by nightlife connoisseurs David Hughes, Elad Ziv, and Khalifa Masaood, redefines Miami’s nightlife scene. Its eclectic yet sensual atmosphere sets the mood of the evening and allows its clients to enjoy their stay indoors or relax under the stars. Only suitable for 300 people, Dek23 stands as an intimate and exclusive bottle service venue that exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning. The venue’s trendy and chic interior brings a European/NY sex appeal to a rather predictable Miami environment. The warm glow conveyed by each table exudes the exotic designs and plush fabrics used to create the venue. The black chandelier from above brings focus to the elevated DJ booth which plays an open format of international house, hip-hop and rock. Four dancing stages, a silhouette box, and over 1200 led lights provide tantalizing visuals while high energy music is released by a state of the art EAW sound system. The outside patio allows serenity to subsist by providing a sanctuary of lounging beds and luminous tables, while the DJ sets the mood by mixing international lounge music as an escape from the energy of the main room. With its lavishness and luxuriousness, Dek23 no longer allows the Miami scene to be ordinary — come and release your senses at the new nightlife experience.