Diamonds Gentlemens Club

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Diamonds Gentlemens Club Edmonton's Best Know Secret Brings Sexy Back To Nightlife. Not the same from the Outside The one thing you need to know before going to Diamonds is that they have a dress code in place. It’s dress-casual—no ripped jeans, sleeveless shirts, hoodies or steel-toed boots. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the entertainment because you forgot to change. The bartenders and doormen are all wearing tuxedos, so the least you could do is avoid wearing your work clothes. Of course, the ladies aren’t always in formal attire… On with the Show Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club is a strip club at heart. There is always sexcellent live entertainment with ladies galore, who love to entertain. They work on a rotating basis—not only around a pole, but from week to week. There are between 7 and 15 girls working a week at any given time. However, on the surface, Diamonds is similar to a night club. The audience isn’t entirely men and it’s definitely not dingy like strip clubs can be. It’s an exotic entertainment nightclub—some people don’t even watch the girls and just come for the company and the trendy music, which varies from dancer to dancer. The focus is on that touch of class. That means you can bring your lady and watch the action together—it’ll be sure to get you revved up for when you get home at the end of the night. Another Day, another Dollar Thrown Each new day brings with it another reason to go to Diamonds. Wet T-Shirt Mondays, Industry Tuesdays, King of the Club Wednesdays, Singles Thursdays, Guys Night Out Fridays, Weekend Parties and Sunday stag-day are there every week. If you would like to be the King of the Club, call ahead—you’ll get the best seat in the house. There are also drink specials before 7:00pm. Diamond's Weekly Events Monday: "Rate Your Rack" Wet T-shirt Contest Tuesday: Special Events Wednesday: "Last Dancer Standing" Amateur Contest Thursday: Guys Night Out Friday & Saturday: Call 428-2527 to book your Stag Sunday: Customer Appreciate sponsored by "cure"