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Dick’s River Roadhouse Chicago


Dick’s River Roadhouse Fires Up The Grill And Gets The Party Started

A strange brew of roadhouse, diner, sports bar and rock music club, Dick’s serves up food, drinks and fun non-stop 7 days a week and into the wee hours.

Dick’s is located near the banks of that crystal-clear fisherman’s Mecca known as the Des Plaines River, on the edge of the virgin timberlands of the Forest Preserve, on River Road a mile and a half north of Golf Road, south of Milwaukee Avenue. Dick’s shares this cosmopolitan crossroads (known as “The Gateway to Des Plaines”) with such dazzling civic landmarks as Pal-waukee airport, the Sybaris and the first McDonald’s.

Dick’s proves “it’s more fun to eat in a bar than drink in a restaurant.” Breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night eats are served with a smirk by the wisecracking hotties behind the bar. The food is fast, filling and easy on the wallet, featuring Dick’s Footlong Hot Dog, Dick’s Monster Burgers, steak, ribs, sandwiches and 13 flavors of prime-grade jumbo chicken wings (the most flavors and biggest wings anywhere). Satellite sports on plasma TVs allow fans to watch non-stop (a great way to wreck a date!)

Not the ideal place for a quiet, romantic evening, Dick’s rocks hard starting right after work and keeps it up ‘til late night seven days a week. Slightly demented DJ’s play party music that goes perfectly with a tall cold “table-tapper” full of beer or even a vodka cranberry for the ladies (and girly-men). Darts, Golden Tee and video games help pay the rent (in quarters), but Dick’s also offers FREE Playstation, WI-FI connections and NTN satellite video games where players from bars all over the USA compete in real-time for prizes. Pretty high tech for a juke joint in the woods, huh?

Inspired by its legendary namesake “Dick,” the Roadhouse crew brings the party seven days a week. As they always say, “if you can’t have fun here, you don’t know Dick!”

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