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Discotekka Miami

Located in Downtown Miamis entertainment district, the area with 24-hour liquor licenses, Discotekka brings a fresh new alternative to the citys nightlife scene. Discotekka introduces its own style of drag, dancing, music, pole dancers and unique vibe to Miami. This club truly has it all, a warehouse-style space, swank atmosphere and attractive crowds. It also offers different rooms for varying musical tastes among patrons. Whether it is a night on the town with friends or a chill after-party, Discotekka Miami has something for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy.

Eats & Drinks
Dont limit yourself to just one delicious cocktail. Discotekka enjoys the luxury of a 24-hour liquor license and so should you! Be sure to take advantage of their numerous bottle specials!

The atmosphere that partygoers want to enjoy is entirely up to them. Thats the beauty of Discotekka. If youre feeling like listening to some hip hop or reggaeton, go check out the Goddess Room. If youre in the mood to groove to some house music, move over into the main room. Is Top 40 more your speed? Then head over to the Forbidden Room. However, there are three things that remain constant throughout Discotekka: energy, energy, energy. So get ready to have the time of your life and party into the wee hours of the morning!

The club claims they are “the best in town every Saturday” with non-stop DJ music and beats (from electronic to top 40) on the multiple dance floors, food, drinks, drag, bars, and VIP and celebration packages. Other nights of the week, Discotekka hosts numerous themed events. In the downtown area, Discotekka offers a break from the glamorous South Beach with the 24 hour, non-stop party.

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