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District 36 New York

A former clothing factory, District 36 title comes from its location in midtowns garment district on 36th street. Blocks from Herald square and the Empire State building, the 14,000 square foot dance club built from the sound system out, embodies New York City nightlife. Not overly designed, the venues simple lay-out, in combination with quality sound, and top-tier talent gives patrons a stripped down nightlife experience without the excess.

A new beacon for New York nightlife will be ignited this fall in the heart of Manhattan DISTRICT 36. The brand new, custom-built nightclub injects originality and vitality into the scene and will once again put forth New York City at the center of global clubbing.

District 36 will revive the tradition of classic New York dance clubs built for dance music enthusiasts by building on the pillars of the proper NY club: impeccable sound, exceptional music programming, superior hospitality and a dancefloor that gives you the intimacy of a small room but the power of a mega club. The three-level nightclub will feature an impeccable sound designed and engineered by Gary Stewart Audio – legendary for designing sound systems at some of the most renowned clubs around the world. In addition, the club has assembled a team of nightlife professionals who bring vast amounts of experience and expertise in building a successful nightclub.

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