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D`Luxe Lounge Toronto

“Are you on the list?” is the number one phrase heard at the entrance of this super exclusive VIP lounge. Set above the Guvernment’s legendary dance floor, the D’Luxe Lounge is the newest addition to the complex and a long over due hot spot for Toronto’s nightlife elite. As you enter the long narrow entrance, you are drawn below a ceiling of TV screens and into a posh lounge, perfect for intimate soirées between 100 – 250 people. A long bar serves up everything from premium champagnes to fine cognacs but is never too pretentious for a traditional beer. Waitress service is available as well. Above the bar sits a glass DJ booth highlighted with a cascading water fall of light in behind. Plush seating lines the room with direct views of the Guvernment dance floor below. Completely glassed in, the D’Luxe Lounge can be an independent room or in a pinch the walls move back and you can join the celebration below. Truly in a class of its own.

Fridays – R&B and Hip Hop
Saturdays – House, with a dash of R&B

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