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Domo Denver



Domo is a Japanese Country Foods restaurant located in Denver, Colorado. Chef Gaku Homma is also the founder of Aikido Nippon Kan, located at the same address. Also in this facility is a Japanese country museum, (seen at right) and a traditional Japanese garden, making Domo a unique dining experience.
We hope you are aware of Zagat’s Restaurant Survey Guide, one of the most prestigious restaurant guides in the United States. Domo Restaurant was chosen by Zagat’s in their 2001 guide as being the 5th top Japanese restaurant in the United States. It was also selected #1 in the United States for Décor! From Colorado, only two Japanese restaurants were selected, Domo and one other which was the 13th top Japanese restaurant named. In Colorado, there are presently over 114 Japanese restaurants, so indeed we are very proud and honored.