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Downtown Cipriani New York

Downtown Cipriani

Downtown Cipriani is located at West Broadway near Broom Street in New York City. The more casual version of Harry Cipriani, Downtown offers a slightly less formal menu than its uptown predecessor. Beautifully designed, the restaurant offers outdoor dining when the weather is agreeable, serving lunch and dinner late into the night in a party-like atmosphere.

While New York’s private clubs tend to follow a downward trajectory, the Alpine-inspired bungalow atop Downtown Cipriani has alone avoided this fate. The gold-plated membership list—you need a recommendation to get on it—ensures that the cushy banquettes are filled nightly with glitterati, and make even the crowd dining on $36 steaks downstairs seem common. Upstairs, meanwhile, is the only place in modern Manhattan where you could shoot the orgy scene at the end of La Dolce Vita.

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