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DRINKSHOP at W Atlanta Downtown


Can’t play with your food? Frolic with us at DRINKSHOP, where you’re welcome to cavort with cocktails, let loose with libations and horse around with highballsall in the name of having a blast in bacchanalia. Watch impeccable craftsmanship concoct cocktails in artistic divination, blessed with pure and homemade ingredients, complete with a visible fruit juicing and vegetable extraction station and a colorful display array of spirits and garnishes set against a back bar composed of freezers. Goodbye soda guns and pre-made anything, hello unique, freshy made mixers and a spirit selection of colorful, independent labels!

The fantasy continues when the ice drink comethbottles arrive frozen in a solid block and cool cubes in your drink are chipped from the tip of a 300-pound ‘berg. Socialize over a low communal cocktail table or receive an education in the South’s brown spirits from your bartender. Start early, chic and relaxed, and move on to eclectic DJ spins and talk-of-the-town trendy later. Come chill at the coolest hot spot in Atlanta.

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