Canada: 604.283.6601

Dustys Bar and BBQ Whistler


Dustys is the perfect mountain pub great big cabin feel inside, expansive patios with a great view up the mountain outside. And tripping distance from the gondola makes it the perfect spot for aprs if youre skiing in to Creekside. The bar doesnt try to do a lot, but what it does do, it does very well. A great menu of pub food including some barbeque items, amazing burgers and large portions of nachos for those mountain munchies make it suited to both aprs ski snacking, or a casual dinner later on. The service is fast and friendly, with a view to keeping those pitchers coming. They also show a variety of live sports on a big screen and have live music some nights. The atmosphere is always lively and unpretentious. There is no other bar Id rather spend my Whistler evenings in.

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