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Earl’s (Yaletown) Vancouver


A dynamic duo (without the unsightly tights)

Batman and Robin. Anthony and Cleopatra. Bonnie and Clyde. When you’ve got a perfect pairing, you’re on the road to making some serious magic. So it goes with earls’ restaurant and bar combination: all fresh and friendly on one side, with a little saucy playfulness on the other.

Casual Dining Done Right

On the restaurant side, we always try to bring you a little more. More delicious ways to discover what good times can be. More smiles per minute. We go to crazy lengths to create dishes you’ll crave, from comfort food with the flavour cranked to 11, to fine-dining treats with the formality turned way low. The casual West Coast vibe brings it all into harmony.

Good Spirits Made Better

If you’re looking for something (or someone) special, it’s right here at earls’ bar and cocktail extravaganza. With drink specials, exotic concoctions and a gregarious attitude, it’s the perfect place to watch the game, dig into a crazy conversation or just hang with the gang.

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