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East Passion Vancouver


East Passion

The Asian-fusion cuisine at East Passion Bistro & Lounge is a delicious example of how Asian cuisine has evolved. Our exotic menu combines traditional recipes with modern presentation, taking your taste buds on a culinary adventure. But East Passion isn’t just a feast for the mouth – the elegance and sophistication of our cultural décor will leave your eyes in awe. You’ll find that not only the flavor of our irresistible dishes will unfold itself in layers, so will the marvel of our restaurant design.

East Passion Bistro & Lounge is committed to delivering the highest quality Asian-fusion cuisine with exceptional service. Our goal is to introduce the East Passion concept and to share our passion for food through a variety of delectable flavors. We want you to leave with an unforgettable experience, a desire to return, and that lingering taste of passion.

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