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No snakes, but there’s still plenty of temptation to be found within the loamy walls of DC’s trendiest nightclub and lounge. At Eden you’ll experience the District's infamous culture of refinement, beauty, intimate service, and green spirit; as well as the decadent lure and sexy-chic atmosphere of a high-end New York club.

Just visit the elegant and lush outdoor rooftop appropriately named “Garden of Eden,” which provides a nightlife experience unparalleled to anything else seen before in our nation’s capital and you’ll see what I mean. Of course just beneath the verdant patio, are also three unique floors with names like the “Forbidden Room” and the “Green Room.” Each floor is a scintillating romp through bamboo forests and pulsating green lights, hinting at a world of mischief and intrigue to be found around every corner.

DC’s sexiest young professionals and hot, oh-so-eager go-getter interns find solace amongst the trees and vines during happy hour, and then loose their pantsuits, lanyards, and ties for a wild, jungle-like party late in the evening. Exclusive, nightly themed events keep things interesting and ever-evolving so patrons are never bored and every venture to Eden feels like a unique experience. And since Eden’s attention to detail makes it the perfect VIP spot, you and your friends can party or celebrate special occasions like birthdays, bachelorette parties, and the government not being shutdown in total, unaffected luxury.

Truly, Eden provides a level of sophistication that DC's party scene has been sorely lacking (as I’m sure you have noticed!). Which is why at Eden you can expect to sip creative and delectable cocktails while listening and dancing to incredible music from world-class DJs. It’s a party atmosphere unlike any other in DC. Eden will seduce you and leave you with the knowledge of what partying should always be like. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a bite of that apple?

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Eden Saturdays (12/14/2013) @ Eden
Eden, Washington DC
Eden Saturdays (12/7/2013) @ Eden
Eden, Washington DC