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Eight Lounge Dallas

Contemporary, upscale, and uniquely stylish…. a new breathtaking lounge is about to hit Dallas. With a variety of prominent clubs and bars on the historical blocks of lower Greenville, Eight will not only be intact with the world’s latest trends, but also promises a lounge that offers diversity and innovation.

An air of mystery and elegance surrounds Eight from the moment you set your eyes on its stylish decor. You will then be overwhelmed with the magnificent waterfall that runs down a see through glass window at the front entrance. Within Eight, the patrons will enjoy a spacious main room with an exclusive glass bar at centerstage, seven individual booths separated by satin sheer curtains, and a fabulous “VIP area” reserved and limited to only a small intimate party.

For those who aren’t seated at one of the many exclusive tables, there is more than enough room to mingle and groove to Eights highly equipped sound system with continuous visuals from the multiple flat screen plasma TVs surrounding the interior. Eight will offer the perfect blend of world trend music and stylish entertainment for the people in Dallas. It is where one can enjoy the music of renowned DJs, experience international service and hospitality, and witness some of the most exclusive private events Dallas has to offer.

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