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EL CID Los Angeles

El Cid was built around 1900 by D.W Griffith. It was used to screen his controversial and famous movie, ‘Birth Of A Nation’ which opened in 1915. It was the first 12 reel picture motion picture to set an all time box office record. For 11 years it was viewed by more than 100 million Americans at the hight ticket price of $2!

Late in 1950, the building was converted into a mini theater. Credits include, ‘The Black Pipe’, ‘Jail House’, and The Drunkard. It became famous as a hang-out for many well know actors and actresses.

In 1961, El Cid Restaurant was born, and the building was converted into an authentic replica of a 16th century Spanish tavern. From its exterior courtyard of flowering gardens, fountains, and patios to its high wood beam ceiling and colorful antique bricks, it forms an unusual backdrop for the exciting El Cid dinner theater shows. El Cid features the finest Flamenco dancers, singers, and guitarists on an intimate stage.

El Cid offers a romantic blend of dining, history and entertainment, that is unique, mystic, and beautiful… Hidden in the heart of Hollywood.

With great entertainment and a new variety of late night and dinner shows to choose from, El Cid is known as a landmark of Hollywood.

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