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element New York

From the candlelit brick walls of the Mezzanine, to the soaring ceilings of the Main Room, down to the Romanesque archways of the Vault, element is one of the most stunning venues in New York City. This tri-level nightlife playground is a marvel of form and function, featuring 3 full-service bars, a V.I.P mezzanine, and seductive lounge spaces.

The lower level Vault, with exquisite brick arched ceilings, original bank safe doors, and private areas throughout, can be a part of the main party or a separate event with its own state of the art sound system.

The main room is crafted for a single purpose – dancing! On element’s vast hardwood dance floor, crystal clear tones flow from a monster, 36,000 Watt, world-class sound system, transforming even the most timid soul into a frenzied exhibitionist.

Built originally as a bank in the late Nineteenth century, this structure has been home & studio to famous artist Jasper Johns, a legendary Goth Club, a Hip Hop Danceateria … and a seedy strip joint. Following extensive restoration and infrastructure upgrades, it is now home to element, the new standard in nightlife luxury.
Element embodies New York City – Global, stylish, chic and sexy with a rich sense of history. Come experience the magic of this beautiful venue for yourself!

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FRONT PAGE Fridays (2/26/2010) @ element
element, Manhattan
Front Page Saturday (2/7/2009) @ element
element, New York