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Empire Ballroom Las Vegas



Empire Ballroom is a different beast from other nightclubs in Las Vegas, most of which reside within tremendous, corporate casinos. Independently owned, operated and located outside of any resort, the club carries on the tradition of its predecessor, the landmark Club Utopia.

Guests will remember Empire Ballroom as the former Club Utopia, next to the MGM Grand and across from the Monte Carlo. Designed by The Paul Steelman Design Group, the club features several different luxuriously styled rooms and accommodates 1,500 visitors. With multiple rooms, including a crystal chandelier-adorned main room, a cozy VIP lounge and a Strip-facing outdoor patio, the club feels like an expansive, lush party house.

A mysterious, dimly-lit entrance leads guests to a room decorated with rich reds and browns customized with overstuffed couches and soft candlelight. There are eight private cabanas on the upper balcony level, in addition to a candlelit VIP lounge and a deck with views of the Strip.

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Late Night Empire Saturdays (4/19/2008) @ Empire Ballroom
Empire Ballroom, Las Vegas
World of Drum & Bass 2008 (3/20/2008) @ Empire Ballroom
Empire Ballroom, Las Vegas