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Empire Rock Bar Dallas

Empire Rock Bar

Empire Rock Bar, located at the corner of Main and Field, is Downtown Dallas’ Premier and only Rock Bar and Nightclub. Our entrance provides a lighted path to the Lower Level Basement of 1301 Main Street, and can be accessed through the lighted staircase or 1st Floor elevator. Eye altering visions of space and texture completely immerse our guests in decadence, sound, and palatable energy. Part bar, part club, and part lounge, our feel and vision of Rock and Roll includes top DJ’s, live music, sporting events, and special themed nights.

Whether you are looking for sophisticated, edgy, underground, or classical sounds, we have it all. The focus of Empire Rock Bar is our 50 foot main bar and DMX lighted dance floor including an Led light show throughout the club; highlighted by multiple 70 inch Aqua TVs featuring HD video streaming, live dance feeds, Twitter, and video. Live entertainment stages and a state of the art DJ booth add to the visual effect and excitement. Sophisticated seating engulfs the main floor with booths and additional tables for a front row view to all the night’s debauchery.

Our VIP Room includes comfortable private couches and tables, a private bathroom, and VIP bar created specifically for delivering the best customer service possible for those who choose to be kings and queens of this outlandish underground world. Sit back, rock out, and enjoy an environment of live and mixed to perfection rock and urban beats that guarantee sensory overload. Our advice, prepare for the unordinary!