Empty Bottle, The

The Empty Bottle

Music 7 days a week. Everything from Anti-pop Consortium to Trans Am, the indie-rock, electronic, experimental, jazz; post-this and pre-that. We're honored to host it, with the most it.


In 1992 the Empty Bottle started out as a cat-ridden hole-in-the-wall bar in Ukrainian Village (just south of Wicker Park) where you could get any one of nine beers for a buck-fifty or less, play pool for 50 cents, and find everything from Monster Magnet to Bill Monroe on the jukebox.

On Halloween of 1993, we moved two blocks up the street and threw open the doors to our new, sound-equipped, slightly larger hole with three nights of great shows, culminating with a SCRAWL performance that could have been a scene out of "Carrie."

We've done a bunch of shows since then; we've also thrown four full-fledged proms (with RED RED MEAT as COTTON CANDY and THE GRIFTERS as PUMP ACTION RETARDS), pulled off an Independence Day cookout with TORTOISE, THE SEA AND CAKE, and 5IVE STYLE (during which we were hit by lightning and no one noticed), hosted a two-night garage extravaganza dubbed Bottle Shock, with MAN OR ASTROMAN?, THE MONO MEN, THE OBLIVIANS, and a special appearance by former Big Boy Tim Kerr and JACK O' FIRE, and organized a summer weenie roast with COWS, GAUNT, BABE THE BLUE OX, and four other great bands.

We also hosted the highly acclaimed Chicago Homocore series, the highlights of which included TEAM DRESCH and COME. We've hosted six years of Improvised/Jazz music festivals that have brought folks in from all over the globe. In fact, we've been anything but empty since our great first year, thanks to the same low prices, lack of attitude, and dedicated regulars that made the original bar such a success.

We are located at the corner of Western and Cortez in Chicago, three blocks south of Division and just north of Augusta. The Empty Bottle is most easily accessible from Interstate 90/94 (The Kennedy Expressway).

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