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Enchanted Cedar Dallas

At our Enchanted Cedar store in Lorena, Texas, we celebrate the natural beauty and bounty that surrounds us everyday—while strengthening the connections people have between each other and the world. We are a tight-knit family who want to share what we can with the members of our community, as well as visitors from beyond our forests. Since it began, the Enchanted Cedar has sprouted and grown into a healthy and magical place, which will only continue to thrive thanks to the many friends we have made there.

We offer a warm relaxing environment, magical activities for both children and adults and a wide variety of raw, organic & vegan snack options. Which include:

King Chaga’s Kitchen – Our raw chocolate shop serves a variety of tasty treats that anyone can eat without worry. They are refined sugar-free, with no dairy products or gluten involved in the process. Instead, we combine cacao beans, local honey, and lots of love. Stop in and take a taste!

Barefoot Cottage – This is our Waldorf bookstore and toy store. Browse our bookstore shelves to find your favorite authors or titles—and let the kids play

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