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Encore Dance Club Vancouver

Encore Dance Club is Vancouver’s newest and largest legal after hours dance club. Located in the heart of the Granville Strip, this venue is centrally located so that you can easily incorporate it into your next night out. The goal of Encore is to to create events fueled by fun that are all about the party goer and their own unique vibe. On any given night, guests can expect more out of their experience than just a live DJ.

Party goers who spend the evening at Encore Dance Club can expect and eclectic atmosphere featuring the hottest dance music all night long. The club’s door and bar staff are extremely friendly and courteous, making you feel right at home. The club has some of the best decor in the city and is fully equipped with a top-of-the-line sound system for an impressive audio experience.

Enjoy a mix of local and international talent every weekend, as Encore is known for bringing in some of the hottest names in the music industry. Offering up a safe and entertaining party environment, and everything you need for an awesome night out, it’s easy to see why Encore is quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s favorite places to party!

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EXHILARATION 2014 ft. VINAI (7/3/2014) @ Encore Dance Club
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