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Energy Night Club Chicago

Energy Night Club

Energy Thursday Night Dance Club is the hottest Thursday Night Dance Club in the Midwest. Providing the very best in live entertainment and top DJ’s from all over the world.

Enjoy dancing with the best concert sound, lighting and video system in the Chicago area, featurs A Co2 System that blasts Co2 out of the ceiling taking the club from 100 degrees to 40 degrees in 4 seconds, over 12 plasma tvs, 2 video walls, a 300 MILLIWATT LASER, 5 hi-intensity black lights, over 75 special effect lights and intelligent lights, Over 50,000 Watts of Sound, 4 dance cages, a 20 foot cat walk, multi level dance floors, state of the art DJ booth, A Real Train Horn, and so much more, that you have to see it to believe it!

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