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EPCOR Centre’s Jack Singer Lobby Calgary

EPCOR CENTRE is a six level complex measuring over 400,000 square feet (almost 10 acres). It is one of the three largest venues in Canada. The excellent downtown location offers an unrivaled variety of vibrant and attractive entertainment venues, including four theaters, and the Jack Singer Concert Hall, home to one of Canada’s largest pipe organs, the Carthy Organ.

Nearly half a million people experience the EPCOR CENTRE yearly through 1,800-plus performances and events, including: live theater, dance, spoken word and readings, children’s events, experimental theater, art exhibits, public forums, weddings, training sessions, meetings, arts education activities, sporting events and competition, award ceremonies and concerts from symphonic music to jazz, folk, blues, world, rock and much more.

EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts is proud to house some of Canada’s foremost cultural entertainers and producers who present exemplary artistic programming season after season.

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