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Ephin Vancouver



Ephin Apparel has been a movement in the making for the past 8 years. Building outward across Canada from Surrey, British Columbia, Ephin is now Canada’s leading street wear brand. Ephin has become more than just a street wear brand and has also developed its entity to grow to become Canada’s leading community and network for Urban Culture movement.

Ephin lives in the streets and as a result it reflects and supports the true aspects of our dynamic urban lifestyles. Ephin lives the brand, survives off progression and always strives to continue moving forward, as it has done to date. As a result Ephin has become a community and a movement alike.

Ephin movement believes in not merely existing as high quality street wear brand, but also existing as an entity that continually invests back into the cultivation, support and the development of the communities and cultural scenes that it caters towards as it grows.

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